Meet Jack.

Jack Galvin is an Arizona comedian and regular feature at Rick Bronson’s House of Comedy.  As the Co-Executive Producer of Big Pine Comedy Festival in Flagstaff, AZ and Producer of the San Diego Comedy Festival; Jack is passionate about stand up comedy, improv, acting, and the art community.  A former elementary school teacher, Jack’s life changed when he lost his dad to suicide.  Earning a paycheck was no longer enough. He wanted to make a difference, and make people laugh every day.

As a member of Broken Drift Productions, Jack is currently touring the country performing stand up and scouting new talent for current and future Broken Drift projects. Jack is the former  co-host of House of Comedy's, Crack House Podcast (iTune's), Broken Drift's, Ramblin' Van Podcast and the Tots to Teens Podcast. Jack is also the co-creator of Bingo & Brews (an interactive and high energy stand up comedy game show) and The Glow Show, Comedy in the Dark. 

He has appeared at Bird City Comedy Festival, Hudson Valley Comedy Festival, Joshua Tree Intl. Improv/Comedy Festival, Comics Rock Convention, Clean Comedy Conference in San Diego, The Tucson Comedy Arts Festival, and has appeared on stages all across the United States.

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