In May of 2014, I lost my dad to suicide, and my entire life changed.  For months, I was devastated and profoundly sad.  Soon, I had a burning need to do something with my life other than make money just to pay bills. I wanted to make a difference.  I wanted to make people happy -- more than that, I wanted to make them laugh every single day.  So after several conversations and lots of encouragement from a longtime friend, I flipped my life upside down and began the journey to become a stand-up comedian.  

Since January 2015, I have been exploring the new world of comedy and have been hitting up stages in Arizona and California. I dream not only of one-day headlining comedy specials, but someday I hope to get into acting, writing, and doing voice work.

I describe my comedy as storytelling. Each time I get on stage I hope to engage the audience. Through my words, I hope they will go on a ride with me. I want them to be invested in my jokes. If they laughed the whole way through and were left wanting more then I did my job.

Stranding on stage and making people laugh isn’t enough.  My true dream is to use my voice to reach others and raise awareness for suicide prevention. It’s not enough just to make people laugh. I want to make a difference in the process. 

About Jack.